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Ronald Chirinos, Perú

"Felicidades por el trabajo de promocionar tanta música latinoamericana por descubrir para muchos.”

The series of educational videos produced by Strings of Latin America has as a goal to create an audiovisual record about the creators, performers, and protagonists of Latin American music to help project Latin American musical identities beyond their countries’ boundaries. In this video series, it is possible to perceive the importance and richness of the Latin American musical landscape through the words of artists including Mexican composer María Granillo, Venezuelan-American composer Ricardo Lorenz, Colombian cellist Santiago Cañón Valencia, Mexican cellist Álvaro Bitrán and American cellist and Ennio Bolognini’s protege Christine Walevska.

Venezuelan composer and cellist Paul Desenne shares his thoughts about his works for cello including Jaguar Songs and Pizziquitiplás. In a talk with cellists Germán Marcano and Tulio Rondón, Maestro Desenne discusses his vision of how Venezuelan and Latin American folk music interact in his own works, as well as how his process of composing for cello is different from composing for any other instrument.

Mexican composer Horacio Fernández and American cellist and international soloist Zlatomir Fung speak about their collaboration for a new cello concerto inspired on Latin American Cumbia. They discuss the dynamics of the collaboration, including aspects of cello technique, cultural influences of urban popular Latin American genres and the mutual impact that this collaboration has had on them.

World-renowned soloist American cellist Christine Walewska shares her experience as a lifelong friend and protege of Argentinean-American cellist Ennio Bolognini. Walevska speaks about her musical relationship with Argentina, including her relationships with composers José Bragato, Julian Aguirre, and Washington Castro; her family’s friendship with the Bologninis, the acclaim that Bolognini had from such distinguished cellists and Casals, Feuermann, and Piatigorksy, and her experience performing Bolognini’s works for cello solo.

Join us as we pay homage to Juan Orrego-Salas, alongside two of his students: Ricardo Lorenz and Pablo Mahave-Veglia, in addition to our very own, Germán Marcano.

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